16 Signs you are a TOXIC Perfectionist

Say it is not so but check anyways:


16 Signs You’re a Toxic Perfectionist 

Christopher Rickman 

You’re a toxic perfectionist if:

1. You’re stingy with gratitude.

2. Giving compliments is like pulling teeth.

3. No one’s work is good enough. 

4. Mistakes are proof you’re a loser. 

5. Pointing out errors is a sport.

6. Celebrating success is for babies.

7. You never admit mistakes.

8. You don’t apologize. 

9. Weakness is something other people have.

10. Avoiding mistakes describes your attitude.

11. You always fall short of your expectations. 

12. If you can’t be perfect you don’t try.

13. Everything is either/or for you.

14. It’s not about progress. The only thing that matters is results.

15. Blame is your first response, because you can’t bear the thought that YOU fell short.

16. Everything has to be done your way.